Commerce Street in San Antonio - 1900's

When the Germans came to Texas in the mid-1800s, their main imports were hard work ,fun, music, good cooking and beer.  Papa Fritz Schilo was no exception.  Schilo’s saloon was started in Beeville, Texas in the early 1900’s and in 1914, he moved his family and business to San Antonio on Commerce Street.  Prohibition came in 1917 and the saloon closed.

That same year, Schilo’s Delicatessen opened at the corner of South Alamo and Worth Streets, with fare much the same as it is today.  Mrs. Schilo spent weekends preparing food and special treat from her own recipes.

In 1927 Schilo’s moved again to Commerce Street – next door to its present location.  Christmas – German style was the best time of the year and Schilo’s shared it with all through their window decorations.

With typical German strength, Schilo’s survived the Depression – substantial how lunches became the specialty enhanced by Mama Schilo’s Split Pea Soup.  After Papa Fritz passed away in 1935, the business was taken over by his son, Edgar.  In 1942, Schilo’s moved to its present location and was operated by the third generation of Schilo.

Although the Schilo family is no longer connected with Schilo’s, it is still German Family- owned and operated, with the traditions and good food continuing.

Between 1917 and now, a lot has changed – Times – Faces – Places, but always there is Schilo’s….where good times and good food are famous.

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